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Lysaght Tamra, PhD

Research Interests

Research Interests :

My research interests lie broadly within the study of empirical ethics focusing on the social, ethical and political implications of contested science and emergent technologies. For my doctoral studies, I used empirical research methods examined the role of science in public discourse and its use in public policy disputes surrounding stem cell research in Australia. Prior to this, I used combined qualitative and quantitative methods to investigate Australian student attitudes towards the teaching of ethics in tertiary biotechnology science education. My current research is situated in Singapore and is spread across four projects. One of these projects will be a continuation of my PhD research into the status of stem cell science in Singapore. Another considers the ethical issues surrounding the study being conducted by the Institute of Mental Health into the identification of genetic expression factors for the prodromal phase of schizophrenia. The third involves the revision of the World Health Organisations Guidelines for Obtaining Informed Consent for the Procurement and Use of Human Tissues, Cells and Fluids in Research. The forth project aims to assist the Human Genome Organisations Ethics committee in generating an interim policy statement and in-depth analysis of the ethical issues surrounding next genome sequencing technologies.

Centre for Biomedical Ethics
National University of Singapore

Tel: +65 6516 3331
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