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Oh Steve, PhD

Research Interests

Research Interests :

The focus of our research is on developing practical methods of producing high quality stem cells (human pluripotent, mesenchymal stem cells and their differentiated derivatives) for stem cell therapy. We have chosen the route of microcarriers as they have the versatility of different shapes, sizes, charges and surfaces which can be engineered for cell expansion and differentiation in bioreactors which can be scaled to very large volumes. We are also developing monitoring tools for stem cell bioprocessing. Our work is extremely collaborative within BMRC, across the SERC council, and involves clinicians, such as GIS, IMB, SIMTech, IMRE, I2R and NUH. I am also involved in the International Stem Cell Initiative, whose role is to better characterize the pluripotent stem cell state and develop robust differentiation protocols to the 3 germ layers.

Stem Cells & Bioprocessing
Bioprocessing Technology Institute
20 Biopolis Way #06-01 Centros
Singapore 138668

Tel: +65 6407 0855
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