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Featured Researcher (Archive)

Featured Researcher (Archive)

Interview with Prof. Lee Larry Stanton

1) What attracted you to a career in biology/medicine?
  Originally, my interests were more in field biology, particularly aquatic ecosystems. This all developed from my joy of nature and my tropical fish hobby. But as an undergrad I took a strong interest in chemistry and eventually pursued a PhD in biochemistry, which then evolved into a strong interest in understanding the molecular basis of disease.

Who are your scientific heroes?
  Charles Darwin, Louis Pasteur, Linus Pauling

Which scientist/clinician has made the biggest impact in your field?
  Shinya Yamanaka

What paper had the most influence on you?
  Stehelin, Varmus and Bishop, Nature 260 p 170-173 (1976), which showed the existence of cancer-causing genes in the human genome

What's the best advice you ever had?
  Do your post-doc studies in San Francisco—Arnold Levine.

What's the worst advice you ever had?
  Don’t go to Singapore—my mother. This was really more a plea than advice.

What was your biggest thrill in science?
  As a graduate student I cloned and sequenced a chromosomal translocation and demonstrated that this led to activation of the c-myc oncogene. The thrill was capped by a first author publication of a full article in Nature. That was in 1983.

What are the main issues confronting stem cell researchers?
  Controlling stem cell differentiation to realize the enormous potential of regenerative medicine.

How should we deal with ethical/moral issues associateed with stem cell research?
  Work closely with all members of society to draft guidelines on what is acceptable research and to abide by these guidelines.

What are the main attractions of working in Singapore?
  The commitment from the government, scientists, clinicians, and general population to make an impact on human health through scientific research.


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